Sony’s iPod Killer

And man is it pretty.

I have been considering a digital music player for myself lately. Mostly because the psp, while cool, is too bulky and gets used more frequently by my husband and son than it does by me. I’ve been feeling a tad daunted by the iPod however, because I don’t want to install yet another media player on my machine. Before my computer went into the shop, I had SonicStage, RealPlayer, WMP, Nero Showtime and VLC media player installed on my machine. I didn’t even bother installing winamp on it because of all the excessive media players.

I want drag and drop file transfer, or transfer with software I already have. I want about 2-4 gig of space, and I want the player to be big enough that I will notice that it’s in the pocket of my jeans when I go to do laundry. The iPod nano simply doesn’t fit the bill, and many stores have either taken the iPod minis off the shelves, or not bothered to drop their prices on them, even though Apple is discontinuing the product. Even if they had, I still don’t want to install iTunes. I’m waiting to see what will happen with the Sony device. I’d like to see it come to North America with the “Plays For Sure” logo on it, because then I will be guaranteed that I can use it with whatever software I have on the machine already, without having to install new stuff.

So.. rather than running out and buying an iPod nano, I’ve decided to wait and see what Sony does. It’s possible these cute, sleek little sony players are just what I have been looking for.