Summer Reading

I’ve posted my summer reading list to the sidebar. As I finish books on the list, they’ll be struck through, as more get piled on, I’ll add more to the bottom.

Thanks to Dave for my birthday gifts of “The Lovely Bones”, “Strike Sparks” and “A Room of One’s Own”.

I just finished “The Lovely Bones”. This is an absolutely wonderful book. I nearly cried at the end of it. It’s a really great story of hope, oddly enough, told from the perspective of a dead girl who’s looking down on her family from heaven. The storytelling aspect is really interesting, you spend a lot of the book wondering about the dead girl and whether her family will ever find the man who murdered her, but in the end, that part of the story is just a backdrop. It’s about family and warmth and love and how it carries on, even long after you’re in your grave.

A worthy read, I recommend it.