Sweeney Todd

I went to see Sweeney Todd with some friends on Friday night and I just have to say that if you loved the story of Sweeney Todd and have seen the musical, I think that you’d be very happy with Tim Burton’s treatment of the story. It really translated well to film and the performances in this film were absolutely fantastic. Most films that Tim Burton has lent his creative eye to that I’ve enjoyed are stories that are well designed for his artistic tendency toward the macabre. Batman wasn’t a good choice for Burton, but Sweeney Todd is the perfect story for Tim Burton and his view of the world.

One thing that I really appreciated in this film was the use of red paint for blood, as opposed to the realistic blood that we’ve become used to in films these days. I was relieved to see that because it gave the film a sense that you could have been watching this show on a stage on Broadway, with these vast sets and brilliant acting and stage direction. It took me back to the days when Hollywood productions were these absolutely immense undertakings. It took me back to the days when musicals were often translated to film, and translated very well.

If you plan to go see Sweeney Todd, keep in mind that this is a gruesome story and the gore has nothing to do with Tim Burton. Everything that he includes that’s gory and disgusting has been in every version of the play that I have ever seen.

Brilliant job Mr. Burton. Just brilliant.