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Demystifying the CGC

The AKC has a test that it offers that any dog, be they purebred, mixed breed or unidentifiable, can take. It’s called the CGC, or Canine Good Citizen test. Its sole purpose is to serve as proof to you and other dog owners that you have been through a training class with your dog and that your dog is well-behaved in public. A lot of dog owners seem to think this test is very hard. It’s really not! It’s not intended to be difficult. Your dog is still going to be a dog, whether you take this test or not. I highly recommend taking a class before taking this test and I also highly recommend that, even if you think your dog won’t pass, you take this test anyway. Doing the class that prepares you for the CGC in the environment where you’ll be taking the test is the best way to set your dog up for success.… [Read More]

Mugen and the Street Sweeper.

So… I had some yard work to do out front today. The weather is just gorgeous and I felt bad about leaving Mugen inside because it was super hot in the house and we haven’t done the first start of our A/C unit yet. Lucy was already firmly entrenched in her post-lunch, pre afternoon nap, nap.

So… I grabbed the long line and went out front. … [Read More]