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Johnny and the Popcorn Popper

The world has become an interesting place over the last 15 years. I didn’t know what was going to happen when I looked at the world and wondered what amazing changes were going to take place in my lifetime, but if I had to pick one… I’d say it was the internet.

It has really changed everything that we do and the way we think about doing it. Thus begins the story of Johnny and the Popcorn Popper. I’d like to preface the story by saying that any similarities to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental and almost assuredly, this story was not inspired by people that I follow on twitter or their escapades in the newsroom. Absolutely nothing to do with it. Definitely not. … [Read More]

Cents and Nonsense

I saw the news this morning that the Obama administration told Citibank to ditch their plans to order a 50 million dollar jet from a French company and thought, “Wow… that jet represented jobs for French workers. I bet France is pissed.” and it occurred to me that no one is thinking about the bigger picture when it comes to the economy.

I believe that it is necessary to spend money in order to create stability in a capitalistic environment. I also believe that manufacturing jobs in France probably mean offices in the US that employ Americans. Now, I’m not sure that this is the actual case in this specific situation, but in most cases I suspect it is the truth. … [Read More]