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Farewell to His Majesty.

A rather poignant tweet crossed my eyes yesterday. So I apologize to my readers and to the tweeter for not being able to give her appropriate name, @shelliwazu will have to do. What she tweeted was thus: “I remember thinking to myself many years ago, that I would know I was old when Madonna or Michael Jackson died.”

Ironically, I had the same thought. I was 9 years old in January 1984 when “Thriller” first hit the airwaves. Jackson looked so gross in that zombie make-up. Quite the contrast to the smooth, cool looking bad ass that he was in “Beat it”, but I never agreed with everyone on what the best song off that album was. It didn’t matter though. We all had the jackets with zippers all over them. We all had the single, sequined glove and the matching socks that went under a pair of black penny loafers.… [Read More]