Taking Apart MoveOn.Org

It’s far too easy. This is a copy of the statement MoveOn.Org issued with reference to Karl Rove’s involvement in leaking the identify of an undercover CIA Agent. So far, there is no evidence that Rove leaked the agent’s identity nor is there any evidence that Rove knew she was an undercover agent. MoveOn PAC issued this statement regardless of all of that. I have decided to take their statement apart… in Gemini Pink.

“This report makes two things clear: First, in revealing the identity of a covert CIA agent, Rove either knowingly broke the law, or committed an act of gross negligence. In either case he should resign or the President should fire him.”

On what grounds exactly? Mr. Rove never revealed her name according to the article that announces his connection to the case, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The article from Newsweek clearly states that Mr. Rove was trying to discourage Time magazine from printing a story that later turned out to be erroneous. What is wrong with a political advisor who tries to stop a news organization from printing lies? Given the way MoveOn has behaved in the past, it seems clear to me that MoveOn was perfectly happy with the lies that Time was planning to print, purely because those lies, regardless of the fact that they were entirely untrue (as is the nature of all lies), supports MoveOn’s agenda.

“Second, the President failed to act upon learning that his chief political adviser blew the cover of a CIA agent.”

Blew what cover? First, Rove would had to have had the knowledge that she was an undercover CIA agent before he could have possibly considered the idea of blowing her cover. There is no evidence to support the argument that Rove knew she was an undercover agent at all and hence there is no basis in fact for this complaint.

“These facts raise several questions to which the President owes the American people answers: What did he know? When did he know it? And why did he fail to act?”

Um… facts? What facts? MoveOn doesn’t even know what the facts are and is entirely out of line in claiming that they do know the facts and in stating that those facts require anything of the President or anyone else. This is particularly true when the facts of this case are not yet clear.

“Clearly Rove sought to retaliate against Plame’s husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, for correctly refuting Administration claims that Saddam Hussein sought to acquire ‘yellowcake’ uranium in Africa, part of the case the President was attempting to
make for invading Iraq. Clearly, Rove put the protection of President Bush’s political agenda ahead of national security when he disclosed Plame’s identity.”

Rove told a Time magazine reporter that Wilson lied to the press when he said that he was sent to investigate these claims by the CIA and that his trip was authorized by the White House. Rove told them that he believed that Wilson got his information from his wife, who worked at the CIA in WMD investigations, and that she was the one who authorized the trip, not the White House. What Rove said was true. He never directly disclosed Plame’s identity. The only way she was referred to in his communications with the magazine were as “Wilson’s wife”. The name “Valerie Plame” never flowed off of Rove’s fingertips and onto a keyboard.

“He jeopardized the safety of an under cover intelligence agent who was working to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.”

If he never typed or said her name to anyone, then he did not jeopardize her safety.

“Clearly Rove’s and the President’s willingness to remain silent about this until the very last minute caused significant pain and anguish to two journalists, one of whom is now in jail, for refusing to reveal Rove as their source.”

Rove has not been silent on this matter. He issued a statement through his attourney confirming the report. The President has no reason to speak on this matter until all of the facts are in.

Finally, how dare you diminish Judith Miller’s sacrifice for your own selfish ends! No one has disclosed that Rove was Miller’s source, and somehow I doubt that he was her source, because Rove would have released her from her confidentiality agreement if he had been.