Talk about your hiatus

So.. I’ve taken a hiatus from serious blogging for a while. I’ve blogged about personal events because that’s simply been my focus for the last three months. While I’m in school, everything shuts down. My interests in anime has taken a back seat. I’m so far behind on “Bleach” and “Monster”, that the shows might actually get licensed before I finish watching them.. which I’m okay with, but is pathetic given my usual watching habits. I’m so far behind on “Black Cat” and “Solty Rei” that they did get licensed before I could get much past the first episode. I’m looking forward to the DVD releases of those series and hope deeply that Funimation doesn’t botch the encoding process, or put those series on flimsy dvd’s as they did with “Fruits Basket” and “Samurai 7”.

My music fascination has continued to focus around the hyper-gorgeous and ridiculous teenage girl fantasy boy, Gackt. His latest album, “Diabalos” has been riding around in my car for the last week. Though I did hear some music by a relatively new band called “Howie Day” on the radio the other day and I’m definitely going to check them out. I’m leaning back into English speaking artists a bit. On my cd player of late, has been U2’s “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”. U2 has always been one of my favorite bands, so it only follows that I’ve been listening to Coldplay’s “X&Y” on repeat as well.

For movies, well.. I actually made it out of the house to see “Goblet of Fire” and am hoping to make it out of the house with the family to see “Narnia”. Goblet of Fire was good. It was a very grown up Harry Potter film that reflected the fact that the children were growing up. And who knew that Emma Watson was hot!?!?! That dress was positively killer. I’ve also got an odd one for you. Now.. this isn’t just because I’m an Otaku/nerd/whatever. I picked this movie up originally because I thought it would be interesting. I didn’t know it was in Japanese with subtitles until I got to the rental counter and the gal told me. I rented it anyway, because I am becoming an anime purist. That means that Japanese with subtitles doesn’t bother me. The movie is called “Premonition”. It’s the story of a man in Tokyo who’s lost his daughter and his wife all due to a piece of newspaper that appears before him, right before a horrible accident is going to happen. Obviously, the newspaper reports the horrible accident before it happens and he is left with trying to stop it. It sounds cheesy, but it was actually really good in the vein of Ju-On and Ringu. In other movie news, my Gackt fandom took over when I borrowed “MoonChild” from a friend. This film features two of j-pops hottest men, Gackt and Hyde of L’arc en Ciel (affectionately known to fans as “Laruku”). OMG the pretty. The movie is total fan service, but it’s also a fun ride that’s got a very poetic and oddly beautiful ending. It’s worth watching if you get the chance and don’t mind subtitles.

That’s what I’ve been doing that isn’t math homework. Most of the music listening happened on the way to class.

I do hope that all of my readers (scant and few though they are) have a wonderful and very merry christmas. Yes, that’s right. I said “Merry Christmas”. I know that Target employees aren’t allowed to say christmas and that they now carry “holiday trees”, but I’m going to say it to them anyway.