Terrorism at Work.

This, ladies and gentlemen is why terrorism works.

For all those who say that it doesn’t work, note that the mere threat of terrorist plots has grounded several flights in the last two weeks.  Such as this one, where a passenger believed he saw a note that said there was a bomb on the flight, and this one, where two passengers who spoke Arabic had to be removed from the flight before the other passengers would board the plane.

This, friends, is why terrorism works. Its purpose is to scare you and intimidate you into changing your routine so that you will be so afraid of being the victim of a terrorist plot in your day to day life, that you start doing stupid things like saying, “Maybe we should live and let live.”

It’s working. It’s working, and we shouldn’t allow it to work. We should get on our flights and go on with our lives, because it is our way of life in the western world that offends these people. They see us with our cars, picket fences and 2.5 children and are jealous of us. They are so jealous that they want to destroy what we have and remake us in their image.

That image is one of fear. It is about being afraid of things that you don’t understand, cultures that are not your culture, people that are not your people, and things that are not familiar and most importantly, your things.

We have to rise above it. We must rise above it. At some point, someone has to stop and say, “We can get along and be different. We can accept the things we don’t understand and embrace them as part of our own culture.” The very nature of what America is is what allows us to say that, and it scares them to death.