Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett has announced that he has been diagnosed with a very rare, early form of Alzheimer’s Disease. He’s staying positive and says he has at least a few books left in him, which is good to hear. However, because he is one of my absolute favorite authors, I wish that I could reach out and help him.

The geek in me reminds me that I have a ps3 that runs folding@home whenever it’s not being played. My great aunt also had Alzheimer’s disease and my grandmother is experiencing symptoms that are very similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

You don’t have to have a ps3 to run folding@home. You can run it on your computer when you’re not using it. The purpose of the project is to determine exactly how proteins fold and see if they can determine when the proteins will misfold, which may lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. If you have the spare computing power, for Terry and for my grandmother and every family in the world coping with Alzheimer’s Disease, please donate some of it to folding@home.