TGIF! … Not.

Today is the day I usually get to sleep in until 7. Mugen is quite happy to sleep in when my alarm doesn’t go off. So I settled in last night for my sleep in morning and everything was great and then… I get awakened at 6:30 by a puppy licking me in the face.

Now… don’t get me wrong, this was cute and wonderful, but I wondered how on Earth he had gotten out of his crate and into the bed with me. I had an immediate suspect and he had just shut the bedroom door.

My husband.

So I come downstairs with the pup (while he is carrying one of my new new balance sneakers in his mouth) and I walk into the kitchen and let Mugen carry the shoe along behind me and then he sees me go into the cabinet and drops it and then I have the daughter take the shoe and put it in the coat closet with the other one. Hubby explains that he thought Mugen would snuggle with me and this might have worked, except that Mugen had to pee. I tell hubby this and that it’s no big deal and that he should get on with making his breakfast and thank him for trying to be sweet. Then I sent the daughter out to take the dogs for their morning sojourn of the back yard. She brought the dogs in and everything was great. I fired up the Roboespresso and began brewing my Java.

After they left… the following sequence of events occurred.

1. I went to the laundry room to get a load of laundry started. Mugen and Lucy piddled on the floor side by side. Clearly the daughter did not make sure that they’d actually gone to pee outside.
2. I get out the carpet cleaner and let them play in the other room while cleaning up mess. Attach new power sprayer contraption to new bottle of Nature’s Miracle hubby picked up last night, spritz the heck out of the mess, scrub the rugs and set the NM on the counter and pick up the carpet cleaner.
3. Return to the counter to find my iPhone, Macbook and digicam sitting in a puddle of NM because the power sprayer leaks when you lay it upside down! Clean up that mess, spare my electronics. Casualty, 1 autographed copy of “Safe in Heaven Dead” by Samuel Ligon, a local author, that I was REALLY looking forward to reading. While I am cleaning this up, Mugen and Lucy are still in the other room (where my 75 gallon reef tank is located) having a good old time.
4. Counter looks fantastic, go in the other room to check on the dogs. The power is shut off to my tank and Lucy is sitting by the front door giving me a pathetic look. Take the dogs out, come back in to restart the tank (which is a major pain in the ass) to discover…. that somehow… my wonderful Mr. Puppy Man UNPLUGGED it!!!

And that is my morning as of 30 minutes ago. It’s not even 8 am on the west coast yet. I have decided I will not be leaving my house for the rest of the day because just being in it… has already been a disaster.

Oh.. and did I mention that I have no choice but to leave the house because Lucy’s ear is draining? She’s going into the vet today.

I thought Fridays were supposed to be fun!!