The Anime Collection Doth Expand..

Release dates for titles I plan to purchase this year, in order starting with July, not all release dates for these series are available as yet, this is just what has been announced so far:

DNAngel Vol. 6 (My daughter earns discs of this with good grades and harder than normal household chores). 7/19/05
Ghost in the Shell: SAC Vol. 7 7/26/05
Samurai Champloo Vol. 4 7/26/05
Phantom 8/16/05
DNAngel Vol 7. 8/26/05
Gravitation OVA: I love lyrics 8/30/05
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Vol 1. 9/20/05
Samurai Champloo Vol. 5. 9/27/05
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Vol 2. 11/22/05

I suspect that Samurai Champloo Volume 6 will come out in November, and volume 7 will come out in January of 2006, but that’s just a guess based on Geneon’s release pattern for the series.

There are a couple of interest that I haven’t purchased as of yet. Largely because GITS: SAC and Samurai Champloo take precedence over other anime at this point in my life. Of interest is the fact that ADVFilms will be releasing the original Gatchaman to DVD. Also of interest is the Saiyuki Double Barrel collection, at 9 episodes per release, it makes it worth the 20-30$ you’re going to pay per volume, but I really haven’t had the opportunity to spend money on a series I haven’t already been invested in. It’s sad, because the Saiyuki gang are a bunch of player characters. I should see if I can’t run a game in the Saiyuki world at some point, when I have a life outside of school.