The Car is Doomed?

It is rare that I will link to an article that’s on Motor Trend. My father was an avid reader, and my brother is too, but I never got into the whole car thing like they did. I don’t understand the mechanics behind how these machines work, but I do have a moderate grasp on the physics, and I spent enough time around cars as a child to know certain things. I can tell if my car isn’t running right by how it sounds, and I may not know exactly what is wrong, but I do know when it’s time to go see the mechanic.

Lately, I have been considering the idea of getting a new car. I’m really enamored to the Mini Cooper, but there isn’t a dealership that sells them close by and the nearest warranty service center for them is 200 miles away. I’m also actually considering purchasing my third Toyota Corolla. My first corolla was totalled in a car accident. My second corolla is the one I am currently driving and it still runs great. When I took it into the mechanic for a tune up, he was impressed at how well my eight year old car was running. The only reason I’m even considering a new car is because my husband says it’s time to get a new one.

Regardless of what I choose, I think this guy has an interesting point to make about the future of vehicles and this article is extremely well written. Dozo.