The Power of Coffee

So.. I went in for my hair appointment today. Just stepping outside was enough to cause my eyes to go bloodshot and clog my sinuses. I was miserable. The whole time I was in the salon, my stylist kept handing me kleenex. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad in June.

It’s allergy related. I normally only get hayfever or things like that in years where Beaker blows up like a hive riddled balloon, but this year the pollen count in our particular area has reached levels never before seen and it’s causing everyone issues, including people who are normally not affected by allergies.

So.. there I am, trying to just relax and get through my hair appointment so I can get home and get back indoors away from the pollen, and my stylist became my savior. She ran over to starbucks (no, I don’t like their coffee that much, but it’s better than nothing) and after I’d finished half my mocha, I felt tons better. My eyes started to clear up, I was able to breathe again.

God I love coffee, but I can’t use it as a continual medicinal substance for the entire summer so.. OTC Claritin.. here I come.