The Pundits KeepTalking…

But I think it’s over now.

Kerry made an awesome speech. It was the most powerful and moving thing I’ve seen from the man since the first time I heard his name mentioned linked with this election. Today, I saw John Kerry for the first time. I saw a gracious man, and a man who very much loves his family. I saw a man I might have voted for if he’d been able to get past all the rhetoric and get down to who he is and what he believes.

G.W.’s speech was markedly unimpressive, but then when are his speeches anything else? I haven’t cried during a Bush speech since 9/11. He’s not a strong public speaker, you could tell he was nervous, but his message was clear and strong and mirrored Kerry’s message in his speech. Americans need to stand united under one flag.

I think we can do that. I think America has spoken in this election, and while it may not have been the sort of speaking everyone wanted to hear, it’s what we’ve got. Rudy Guliani put it best, “Who has a better system than we do?”

No one.

Congratulations America! Yesterday you made a choice, and you made it loud and proud. We all deserve to pat ourselves on the back today. Even if we didn’t back a winner, we got out there and voted and spoke our minds. Apathy had no place in this country yesterday. I’m proud to be an American today because of that.