The Real News of 2005

Everyone is doing their year end round-ups right now.

I’ve decided that since every other news site and blog on the planet is giving you the round up of the same old stories, I’m going to give you a round up of the coolest stories of 2005. Mine! *chuckle*

The nominees for coolest story of the year are: *insert drum roll here*

January: Do Not Eat
It doesn’t get much more cool than realizing that there have to be people on this Earth that are far less intelligent than you are.

February: Hunter S. Thompson Passes.
This story ranks as cool because Hunter S. Thompson’s funeral involved cannon fire and some other weirdness. Besides, how could Hunter S. Thompson do anything that was less than cool, even in death?

March: Gates Gets Knighted, Sort of…
This story is cool because all the other news going on in the month of March was lame and boring. Who cares about the governor’s election and all that other jazz! This was coolness in the making. Or at least it could have been.. if Bill Gates hadn’t been an American citizen.

April: My Exciting Morning
It’s always cool to be close to a real live news story.

May: Traditional Ideas of Literature and Discrimination in a Contemporary World
Speaks for itself I think. But the comments sparked by this post were insightful and interesting and oddly enough, gave a window into the minds of the posters. Definitely worthy and memorable for the year.

June: Quashed Nagasaki Report

Quite possibly the most important media release of the last century IMO, and it was so under-reported that one could only have found the story via Slashdot. It shouldn’t have to take a geek to bring the truth to light, and George Weller’s reporting on Nagasaki is some of the most honest reporting every accomplished in American Media. It deserves an honored place.

Update 12/30/05:The original link contained in this story is dead. Since I’ve forgotten my blogger login, this is a current link to the full text of George Weller’s report.

July: Open Source Beer
The title says it all, and is inclusive of the coolness factor of this little feature.

August: Homeopathic Treatment Debunked
Simply because, Cindy Sheehan is not cool. My other blogposts that month were all about her and how uncool she is.

September: Dick Tracy vs. The Terminator
‘Nuff said.

October: Cool Defined
Seattle based band, Harvey Danger, released their latest album, “Little by Little” via bittorrent. How cool is that? The best part is, it was an experiment that worked for me. I’m ordering their CD tomorrow.

November: I am Jack Sparrow
Yes, in the “which action hero are you?” quiz, I scored Captain Jack Sparrow. Strange, I know, but I got Jack Sparrow.

December: Bragging Rights
Let’s face it, mp3 players are cool. Even cooler when they are especially well-dressed in gorgeous designer outfits that your mom made. Note that last bit. It’s cool when your mom can make outfits that you will take out in public. It really is.

More to come later!