The Truth

I’ve been thinking about how to say this for a while… and I’m sure my friends know this, but I still have to say it.

Truth is, I could generally give a rat’s ass about politics. If politics did not have a direct impact on my daily life (known as the trickle down effect) I probably wouldn’t bother to write about it.

Today is Blog for Bush Day. Since I support our president and his endeavors around the world, and the dems are too busy worrying about weather or not the next welfare scam is going to work for their constituents, well… I support our president.

Kerry hasn’t given me any reason to trust him to be our president. That’s the biggest one right there. I mean sure, the guy is educated, sure he went to Vietnam… he could have easily said “Um… no, I’m not going.” But… I’m not looking forward to four years of, what I consider to be, not giving a shit about foreign policy.

I mean sure he cares about it. We all care about it. But I wonder what the guy is really going to do when he gets in office. I mean, he changes his mind more often than I do, and the fact that I am a girl and a gemini speaks volumes for how much I change my mind.

That said, it’s hard for me to be a critic, given that I change my mind so much. But, I’m not sure that I could change my mind when it comes to moral decisions and I do feel the decision to go to Iraq was a moral judgment call. Before you go there, you have to consider a lot of crap. Is this the best thing for the people of Iraq? Is this the best thing for America? Is this going to take us on a path that will stabilize the middle east?

To me, in this situation, these questions are as much common sense as “Should I talk to my daughter about baring her bottom to the boys in the neighborhood?” Most parents’ answer to that is “Yes.”

It all boils down to playground psychology. The terrorists are the bullies. The free countries of the world are the little kids. America and the Coalition are the teachers scolding the bullies for beating the shit out of little Johnny.

Personally, I think Kerry was content to get his ass kicked on the playground, as long as he didn’t have to say an unkind word to the bully and could still outwit the teacher.

I have to apologize to my readers for this entry. This is a complete stream of conciousness sort of rant, rather than a thought out post. But… I do think the last two bits are kind of funny.