The WA Governor’s Election

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to decieve.

The state of affairs in our gubenatorial election has just gotten ickier. I, for one, don’t like it. I don’t like a number of things about this election. I don’t like a number of things about our process.

The first of these is that it’s too darned easy to get an absentee ballot. You should have to go down and physically pick up your ballot and show ID for it before you go on vacation. Am I the only person who feels that it’s complete and utter garbage that you can have it mailed to your home? Most mailboxes don’t have locks on them, they aren’t secured and anyone could walk up to your mailbox when you’re not there and swipe your mail out of it. Furthermore, if you’re home on election day, you’re not an absentee. The polls are open late enough (or early enough if you prefer getting up at the crack of dawn), there’s no excuse for avoiding going down there to stand in line other than sheer laziness.

Second, dead people can’t vote. I know that when my husband dies, I will be able to guarantee which way he would have voted in an election year. But that doesn’t give me the right to cast his vote for him! This is what one calls cheating.

Third, when is done done precisely? I voted for Rossi, and a lot of the people I know also voted for Rossi. I live in a Republican leaning part of Washington (which is basically every part of Washington that is not King County), so this comes as no surprise. I wanted him to win, clearly.. because I voted for him. But sometimes, you have to call a spade a spade. You need to be able to stand up to the person who cheated, call them a cheater and walk away.

The Republican party isn’t winning any battles to convince democrats to change their mind by filing a lawsuit over this election. It’s also sure as heck not winning any popularity contests with the conservative voters who think that frivolous lawsuits are one of our country’s bigger problems. Conservatives tend to expect their candidates to “take it like a man”. This lawsuit is the equivalent of a first-grader kicking and screaming while throwing themselves around on the ground because they simply did not get their way.

In other words, let it go. We’ll win next time around, and you’ll make the Gregoire camp look like a bunch of fools if you simply expose the fraud, rather than demand yet another recount because of it. But with the current state of things, I’m no more likely to trust Republicans in Washington than I am to trust the Democrats.