There’s something wrong with this…

The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Saved from the pounds: first diet drug for dogs

When people are too stupid to read the directions on a bag of dog food and avoid feeding their dogs more than the prescribed amount on the back of the bag, we’ve got a problem, and it’s not because people are failing to exercise their dogs.

Yes, dogs do put on weight as they get older, but they will still stay within the 20% margin of weight gain that is mentioned in this article, as long as you don’t feed them more than they need. I think that’s the problem with the American public, nobody bothers to read the labels, and when they screw up or get hurt because of their own ignorance, they blame the manufacturer of the product for not telling them what they should and should not do with the product in the first place.

It disgusts me that people would allow their dogs to get like this. It disgusts me even more that veterinary medicine had to come up with a diet drug to combat the problem.

People, it’s really simple. Read the label. Feed the appropriate amount (that is listed on the back of the bag based on your dog’s ideal weight) of a high quality dog food that is low in corn meal and corn based fillers, and high in protein. Do not feed more than this amount in a given day, even if your dog begs for it. I promise, your dog will not starve. You wouldn’t allow a child to have a dinner of ice cream and cake, the dog is asking for the same thing, don’t let him have it. If you do these very simple things, your dog won’t get fat and there will be no need for you to give your dog some doggie dexetrim.

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