Trinity Blood Volume 1

Funimation has finally issued the first DVD of a series that I caught when it was being fansubbed and I am so glad! Trinity Blood is a post-apocalyptic story that follows Father Abel Nightroad as he tries to save the world from an invasion of vampires.

Visuals: This is a Gonzo title, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Gonzo’s visuals and I tend to buy anime simply because they were produced by Gonzo. The only real exception to that has been Speed Grapher. I’m only avoiding Speed Grapher because it’s not a series that I can sit down and watch with the kids. Trinity Blood is a bit graphic in the violence category so I wouldn’t recommend that you let young children watch this series, but it’s great fun with older kids because the violence is just graphic enough for you to realize that something really bad has happened without going over the top.

Sound: No 5.1 Japanese track! I’m so bummed about this! Maybe there is a 5.1 Japanese track on the limited edition release, but the standard single disc release does not have it. It does, however have a 5.1 English track which I haven’t listened to at all. Still, the stereo track of Trinity Blood is great, even if its not a technological show off.

Story: Very engaging. Father Nightroad has many secrets under that Vatican issued trenchcoat of his, I hope that the series continues to keep you guessing about him and about the political drama that’s going on in the Vatican while Father Nightroad is traipsing about the globe.

Summary: Trinity Blood is a welcome addition to my anime library. It blends the world of darkness with light so well that it makes it a great title for anyone who is looking to introduce their kids to the horror genre without diving straight into creepy things like Alien or gory things like Gantz.