Turkey Day Turkeys

Ya know, I do tend to be a centrist. I don’t normally like to bash politicians unless they are really, really stupid. Some times, you just need to make people understand that there’s a common sense issue to be considered when you place someone else in a position of power.

One would think that common sense would apply when the liberal media tells the democratic speaker-elect that she’s screwing up with her choices for committee appointments. One really would think this, but Nancy Pelosi has managed to prove me wrong on this account twice in the last two weeks. First, we had Jack Murtha, who didn’t get appointed, which made me very pleased. Now we have this issue with Alcee Hastings, who has removed from his position as a federal judge for taking, or conspiring to take, bribes. He was later cleared of criminal wrong-doing, but there is a lot of suspicion that surrounds this case that makes many people think that he lied and his counterpart lied during the trial.

Even if he didn’t do it, Ms. Pelosi has no way of knowing this for sure. I cannot comprehend how someone who might have taken bribes makes a good choice for to chair the house intelligence committee. I just don’t get it.