Vacation Blues

So… I’ve spent the last three months looking forward to this vacation and I have to be honest with you.

I’m bored out of my mind.

Yes, I’ve been busy doing obedience work with Spike and playing with my lab. I’m also engaging in an operation that will hopefully find Spike another home within a relatively reasonable period of time. In the mean time, I’m rotating two dogs who do not like each other (one with good reason, the other one due to stupidity of previous owners) through the house off and on through the day and while this can be stressful at times, it’s mostly not all that exciting. It’s easy to keep them safe and separated as long as you have crates, which I do.

I have managed to accomplish a whole lot of laundry, some smelting of various candy related goods, and I cleaned, polished and weather proofed my leather today. Quite an operation when you realize that 75% of my winter outerwear is leather. Now they are air drying from the stinky water proofing spray and I have absolutely… nothing to do.

This stinks. I hate being on break as much as I always look forward to it. It just sucks having nothing productive to do with one’s time. I suppose that laundry and weather proofing leather can be considered productive tasks, but they certainly aren’t mentally engaging.

I think the lack of brain-baking reading has caused my brain to atrophy.

I think I’m going to go practice my kanji.

Merry Christmas.