Video Game Killings?

Okay… so… four guys kill these other guys, cause they stole their xbox and some clothes belonging to one of the four guys, and they decided to call it the “Video Game Killings”?

Pardon me? Okay, I would give you video game killings if it were done in the style of a video game… say like something right out of the mutilation rituals prevelent in several of the horror games that are out there… or maybe if someone’s head was turned into the floating bitch head from Fatal Frame.

But over stolen property? Come on. People have been murdered over theft of property before. Just because a video game system was involved doesn’t mean that these killings are about the game system. Clearly, these guys weren’t interested in getting their stuff back, otherwise they wouldn’t have killed the guys they believed to be responsible. So what does the video game system really have to do with this other than the fact that it was stolen property?

Come on people.. geez. Another attempt by the media to dramatize an already dramatic situation. It’s pathetic.