We’re Not Afraid.

What a wonderful site. Link via Instapundit.

Just to add insult to injury, I’d like to add my list of to do for today just to show you how unconcerned I am about terrorism. Denotes what I’ve already done.

1. Mix saltwater for fish tanks.
2. Feed my pets.
3. Have a nice, leisurely lunch.
4. Clean caulerpa out of the fish tanks.
5. Talk hubby into 300 gallon fish tank to replace 75 gallon fish tank.
6. Fail in the above task, talk him into spending a few bucks on corals instead.
7. Clean my dog’s ears. (They look kinda icky).
8. And if I feel like it, maybe take a nap.

Yeah.. (note the sarcasm) I’m so scared…