Whacko Cults

And the final digg find of the day is this really neat photo essay that describes the cults that went whacko.

It’s particularly topical because of all the news stories that have been surrounding the FLDS ranch in Texas, and all of the comparisons that I have seen made to this facility and Waco, with the most interesting quotes being from the Texas officials who desperately wish to avoid a repeat of the Waco tragedy. Of course, I do not mean to imply that those living on the FLDS ranch are cult members and personally, as far as that whole scene goes, I just want them to get through the evaluations of those children and let those kids go home. I am sure that maybe 5% of the families on that ranch have not been as responsible toward their children as they should have been, but the other 95% deserve to return to their loving homes. But the whole situation does bring Waco back to my mind, and thankfully, this time no children have died… at least, not so far.