What a ****wit…

Parents of small children.. please, I beg you, turn their eyes away from your screen before reading this post.

From the Toronto Star: Insult-happy Web guns fall quiet

It sounds to me like Antonia Zerbisias is someone who’s never bothered to read a blog. And as a completely unqualified person to speak on the subject, would have looked far more intelligent if she had simply filed this story under “T” for “Trash”.

The tone of this article makes it seem as though she never expected the blogging community to react to it. Well… react it did. Here are links to the blogger’s websites who were all mentioned in her story, who decided that she’s full of it.

Damien Penny: The Supposed Source for her ludicrous rant.
The Relapsed Catholic has a few things to say.
As well as Lobowalk.

What I don’t understand is why supposed “journalists” feel it necessary to take potshots at bloggers like this…

Oh wait… that’s right. (Feel free to insert as much sarcasm here as you like.) The bloggers are doing your job! The one you absolutely refuse to do because you can’t put your political spin on certain facts in life.