What Women Want

And their importance in the 2004 election.

This is a wonderful piece that shuts down any arguments by young teenage girls who dump signs on the ground in public parks while claiming a concern for our environment.

Women are the true swing voters…

I do feel that women, as a group for statistical purposes, have a powerful voice. But this does not change the fact that each voice is unique in its own right. Everyone is going to vote how they are going to vote. It is interesting to delve into the psychology of why we vote the way we do, and might give us some pointers as to which way the election is going to go, but in truth, we won’t know until November 2nd. When everyone has gone out and done their voting and all the ballots have been counted twice.

Still, an interesting Op-Ed from the New York Times. Which means you need a subscription to view it, or if you are running firefox, this handy extension. Just right click the link to open it without the subscription after you’ve installed the feature.