Whoa.. dude.

Life’s been hectic, and blogging is going to get really, really light. I might have to hire a guest blogger, that’s how light it’s probably going to get.

Just to keep you occupied until things get rolling again, here’s what’s been going on:

1. Had the roof repaired and sprayed with weird chemical that stops it from catching fire because someone had the bright idea that roofs should be made out of wood in our neighborhood…

2. Had the deck supports re-done because the previous homeowner decided that the ones that were put up on the deck originally weren’t good enough. So he decided to put three sets in in the 8 years that he owned the house.  When the deck contractor walked out and looked at the supports from the underside, he shook his head and said “Oh boy.”  That’s never a good sign.  The good news is, now that he’s fixed the deck, it’s never going to shift again. He even put in hurricane bolts to protect it in the event of an earthquake.

3. Our fridge is toast. We probably need a new one.

4. Pamela was in town last week and I really enjoyed having her around. I already miss her and she’s only been gone for three days. We built some stuff for the basement, did some painting, spent a lot of time shooting the breeze, and even went out for coffee with another friend of mine one night. All in all, it was a good time, but she did forget her shampoo. It’s still sitting on the shelf in the basement bathroom.

5. My daughter, the youngest of my kids, is starting middle school. I feel like I am no longer allowed to officially refer to my kids as being “little”. Not like they have been for a while, they are both just an inch or so shorter than I am, but as long as she was in elementary thinking of them as “little” seemed acceptable.  Now it’s not so acceptable and I am once again left wondering “What am I going to do when they’re gone?” I can make up stories all day long, but the God’s honest truth is that I will be bored and lonely.

6. Most important. Someone once suggested to me that I didn’t know who I was as an adult, and I’ve wrestled with that for a while. In the end, I’ve only discovered that he was incorrect, but not without good reason. He really doesn’t know me well enough to make those sorts of judgements about my character, and I appreciate the heart of what he was saying, which is that he felt I should take the time to find out. I’ve taken the time, but I’ve discovered that I am who I always thought I was. I will change what I say to make other people happy, but it doesn’t change what I believe or who I am and those two things are intertwined.
7. My dad’s going in for an MRI this week. He’s been experiencing pain in his shoulder for some time and they had him on so many painkillers that one time, he called me up pretty well stoned on his prescribed dose. I’m worried even though it’s probably nothing major, if you have a moment to spare a thought for him, I would appreciate it.

8. Another friend of mine probably has a genetic heart condition which can be corrected with surgery. I’m worried about him too, and would like you to spare a thought for him as well.

9.  College is starting up again soon, and while I am looking forward to it, I’m also ready for it to be over with. I’m struggling with this weird feeling and am trying to chalk it up to my looking forward to graduation. I really am looking forward to graduation, but after that I have at least four more years of college. I also need to sit down and talk to a career counsellor and get my applications in for the other local universities so I can get to work on that bachelor’s degree.

10. Also very important: My spouse is in need of some major dental surgery and I’m stressed about it because I’m worried they will have to knock him out, and he doesn’t respond well to anesthesia. If you could spare a thought for that as well, it would be most appreciated.

So yeah.. the stress is piling up. I’m pretty emotional today and think I will spend it sitting in front of my PS2 playing Kingdom Hearts, because I still haven’t taken that game to its inevitable, button-masher end.