Wierdness is…

.. having to explain what menstruation is to an 11 year old, who thinks that all things pink and fluffy are the order of the day. My daughter really is the least serious child I’ve ever encountered. In some ways, I’m sure this is a good thing, but in others I’m really concerned for her future well-being.

When I have conversations with my mother about those things, she just smiles and says “You spend the entire time you have with them worrying about things like that, and then when they grow up and move out, you keep worrying about things like that.”

So what it boils down to is that there are no fast and simple answers when it comes to the concerns of a parent, but the conversation with my daughter did bring something to light.

My son, at age 12, who has a girlfriend and doesn’t know what the word “promiscuous” means… informed his sister some time ago that “having your period” means that you have a urinary tract infection. So my daughter was under the impression that having a period meant she’d get sick.

Oh dear lord… so much for that “talk” my husband was supposed to have with the aforementioned boy..