Windows Vista Woes.

Now, I am a gadget girl, but I’m not sure that you could truly call me a computer geek. I keep my husband around to fill in those shoes, still, today I managed to prove that I am geeky enough by pointing out that the only difference between his computer and mine was windows vista and the only known issue that caused a disaparity between his ability to sync his iphone, and my ability to sync mine is windows vista.

According to Apple, Windows Vista machines with SATA hard drives on board have problems transferring pictures and video through iTunes. Lord only knows why, this is just what Apple says. But when I hopped on to see if there was a driver update for my SATA hard drive, guess what? Nada. I followed all of Apple’s suggestions, including disabling some features in Windows Vista that I don’t use anyway (all of this was directed by my wonderful geek husband) and still nothing.

If this were my only problem with Windows Vista, I wouldn’t complain, it’s just that on top of that file transferring across my home network is painfully slow. Connecting to wireless networks via my laptop is painfully slow. Sometimes, when the laptop is sitting here idle with no applications open, it just blows up into a giant ball of BSOD. But more than anything else… Windows Vista and iTunes really don’t seem to get along, which is sad because my cell phone is my life. Also, I’m horribly afraid that my ancient version of Adobe Photoshop will cause Vista to pee all over itself, so at least 65% of the functionality of my laptop is lost to me (especially since Gimp and Windows Vista have major pointing device issues). It’s just a crappy situation.

Am I wishing I’d bought a mac now? You bet. Especially after getting my iPhone.

Am I seriously considering downgrading to XP?