I received a zCover for my birthday. I’ve tested it out for a couple of weeks and I love this thing. There’s only one drawback for the zen micro zCover, it does not have a screen protector for the screen. Otherwise here’s the breakdown.

ZCovers are silicon covers for your portable devices. They make covers for apple laptop keyboards, standard keyboards, the psp, all of the iPods, the creative zen players, the older sony mp3 players and several of the more expensive cell phones, such as the blackberry and the treo. They have an optional belt clip on the back that is a trick to remove, which is a good thing because once you get that puppy on there, you are sure that it won’t be coming back off.

First thing’s first. The belt clip on this thing rocks. I have had a problem with belt clips in the past. For previous incarnations of protectors with a belt clip attachment, the clips have never been very secure. If you bumped into something or someone, the clip would fall off and your small device would go scattering across the floor. This is not the case with zCover’s belt clip design. What makes it work so well, is that it’s very tight. It’s hard to get attached to your belt or pocket, but once it’s on there it will not come back off until you mean for it to. I’ve bumped into the kitchen counter, other people, had my dog jump up on me and everything else that I could think of that one might encounter in a day to day use of this product and have yet to have the belt clip fail on me.

As for the shock absorbing factor, it works great. My zen slid across the kitchen counter and onto the floor due to an overzealous child and is in great working order with no damage. I suspect this is the more typical sort of impact that your device will take and what these products are designed to withstand. The zCover just adds another layer to that.

The zCover comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit your tastes. If you own a portable device like an mp3 player, you need one of these things.

Visit the zCover site to learn more.