Zen V

The naked zen, as many of you may know, got a child this christmas when a zen v plus was purchased for my son. The decision to purchase this device was made based on my experiences with my zen micro. I knew the interface was easy to use and I assumed it would be just as well made.

Boy was I wrong. At this point, I’m seriously considering getting my son an iPod shuffle, in spite of the fact that I really hate, and do not want to install, iTunes on my pc. If and/or when I get a macbook, that won’t be a hard decision, but right now, it’s not happening. All in all, I think the zen v is a great player, but for my son, it really had to be something durable and all the reviews I’d read at the time stated that the player was durable. It was not a hard drive based player and it had a color screen. Other than these things, what more was there to want?

It has since become apparent to me that those beautiful color screens are too fragile for teenagers who frequently end up with duct tape wrapped around their electronics. I’m sure that your standard, average, ordinary teenager would do just fine with this player, but my kid needs a player that will run even when it’s hooked together with chewing gum and electrical tape. This is not it.

I’m completely bummed. I’m not sure what to do at this point because there is no fix for what’s broken with this player and the player has now become useless thanks to a broken screen. I would say that it’s cracked, but that’s the funny thing. It’s not cracked. It’s just incredibly dim, so dim that you can’t read the menus to change anything.